Hi! I'm Helen O'Bannon.
I am a Wellness Coach
I get to work with people just like you. I have a background in Psych, Sociology, Metaphysics, and Child Development. I am a Minister of Divinity with no denomination. While I do not do therapy, I do hold space for people to deal with their emotions. My area of expertise is relationships of all kinds. I help people to communicate better within these relationships. I work with a wide variety of relationships from romantic to business to friendships. I help you figure out what you want to say and how to communicate so your partner will be able to hear it.
I also do specialized work. When someone is going through intense therapy life can be chaotic in just dealing with the daily tasks of life. Serious therapy can be hard. Maintaining work and relationships can be difficult during this time. I make it easier for you to experience life while experiencing intense therapy. As a person who has had this experience, I know the tricks that make life easier. When I work with people I use a variety of techniques from creative art and play, action techniques, emotional intelligence training, meditation, and mindfulness.
Helen's Light Wellness Coaching Helen O'Bannon, M.A. M.Div
What People Say
I was skeptical when Helen talked about the importance of creativity. I tried it and felt better. Nuff said. lol

It Helped!

Over the pandemic, my isolation increased and I kinda was stuck. Helen helped me get back out in the world. Thanks!

Shy but here.

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