Wellness Coaching Individual Sessions

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After a free thirty-minute consultation we can see what services will work best for you. Individual sessions may be right for you. I help you explore areas that may be changing in your life. I help you make the challenge easier. Change can be exciting and frightening all at the same time. I am the support you need to help manage those changes. You are not alone.

After your free thirty-minute consultation, we can see what services would work best for you. One such service is individual coaching sessions where you set the focus. During these 50 minutes, you will be the center of attention. I help people flow with changes that are occurring in their lives. You decide what you want and or need for your life. You set your own goals. I help you reach them.

There are many different kinds of changes we can experience. Perhaps you are leaving a relationship. Maybe you are seeking employment after being out of the workforce for a period of time. Perhaps you have given something up in your life and you need and want support for these changes. Maybe you have entered retirement and you are finding yourself confused about where to go from there. Maybe your health has changed and you need support in dealing with these changes. I can help. You get to set the pace and the focus. This is your time.

If you are dealing with trauma and healing, I can work with you if you already have a therapist.  Because I don't do therapy, it's important that I know you are getting the support you need to heal that trauma. My job is to help you make your life a bit easier while you are exploring the wounds and healing. I am open to communicating with your treatment team. Because of confidentiality, I will need you to sign a release of information for me to speak with any other professionals.

At the end of our work together you will know how to better manage your stress so that you can cope and grow from the changes occurring in your life. You will know what helps you grow and what keeps you from fulfilling your fullest potential. You will know how to better communicate your wants and needs to the people around you. You will listen to that voice inside that leads you to your highest potential and you will be empowered to know and speak your truth.



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