Group Coaching

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Groups can help you practice communication and listening skills. Sometimes just knowing how to better listen and communicate better can make the changes we experience easier to handle. The support of the people in the group also makes it easier to deal with growth and change. If you feel isolated and unable to deal with the changes you are experiencing then a group can prove helpful. Groups allow a safe place to break down isolation and to get support for the changes in our lives. What would that be like for you? How would you feel having support as you travel through the changes in your life? How will you change your life and help you manage your changes better? You don’t have to do it alone.

As always, you will need to book a free thirty-minute consultation so we can see what services suit you.

Please schedule a free thirty-minute consultation so we can see what services fit you. Having come from a place of introversion and shyness, I know that it can be really hard to reach out when we are going through changes and challenges. I know how important and helpful a group can prove to be. Groups allow us to connect with each other. As a person who was once very shy and introverted, I practiced behavior and communication that allowed the me I knew what was in me to be present. Through the work I did in groups, I learned that I have a lot to offer. It gave me a sense of confidence and willingness to try. It increased my self-esteem and improved my self-image. I have been able to reach new levels of understanding of myself and others. I have seen changes in me but, also seen changes in others as they worked to feel successful and fulfilled. I learned to practice better communication in groups. I learned that coaching groups are a safe place to explore.

I offer this service because I have seen the transformative power of a group. Attending a group can be challenging for shy and introverted people. For the extroverted, it can be a learning experience in sitting back and learning to listen and hear. You can trust that it is challenging for others also and you can know that when we work through the changes that are occurring in our lives, we see a great change in ourselves and how we are in the world. It can change how we see ourselves and others. We are reminded that we are not alone in this journey. Reach out and see how you change.


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