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Thanks for checking in on my blog. Today, I got to practice self-forgiveness. I wanted to go work out today but, thought that the weather would be too hot.  That is what the predictions said. Because I get migraines when I get hot or when I am in the sun, I avoid working out during hot weather. However, today was not as hot as what was predicted. So I didn’t go to my class when I could have.

I was disappointed in myself for not checking this morning so that if it was lower in temp I could go. I started to beat myself up.  Saturdays are my favorite days to work out. Then, I realized that I would have other opportunities. I also realized that I was more concerned that my teachers would think that I was lazy than I was about actually missing the class! I made a conscious decision to let it go. I took some deep breaths and grounded myself. I reminded myself that the whole day was ahead for me to make as I chose to make it.  This was my day and my time.

Self-forgiveness can be the hardest forgiveness to give. It takes practice and effort. Lots and lots of practice. I find that the more I forgive myself the more I can forgive others. We are adaptable creatures. We survive by adapting.  Always remember, you have a choice. You are worthwhile and you deserve love. Forgiveness of ourselves makes it easier to forgive others. We forgive others as a gift to ourselves. WE are the ones that find peace when we forgive ourselves and others.

Do you struggle with the forgiveness of yourself or others? I can give you some ideas that will make it easier for you. Don’t let hardship stop you from reaching out. I have a sliding scale. During that first free 30-minute session, we will know more about how I can help in the best way possible. You are not alone.

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