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Thanks for stopping by. Do you ever just look at someone you love or maybe an animal companion and you suddenly feel sad because you know that you may lose them someday? Do you try and think of ways that might make the loss easier just in case it happens? For me, it is my dog. She makes me so happy; I feel such love for her. We have helped each other through many hard times. I know the loss of her will be devastating to me.  Sometimes, it is very hard to think about.

So, I stop thinking about it. I realize that there is no way I will prepare for the loss of my dog. There’s just no way. And so, I love her. I make each of her days the best I can give to her. I let her know she is loved. I try and make her life big. I try and give her joy. I love her while I have her. I will feel the grief when it happens, and I will move through it. I will get to the other side by moving through it. That’s kinda what we all can do.

How do you handle loss? I help people with loss. I help them feel the feelings and move through them. I help them know that they can feel the grief and survive it. Whether it is the loss of a person or a relationship, a job, or an animal companion I let people know that they are not alone and that it is very doable.

How can I help you? Don’t let money or lack thereof to get in your way. Don’t let it stop you. My number is 586 666 4191. This is a google number and you can identify who you are. A first name is enough. It doesn’t ring through to me but I will see when a call comes. Let me know how I can help.

Be well.

Helen O’Bannon, MA, MDiv.

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