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Welcome!  Thanks for being curious about my blog. Curiosity is a wonderful thing. Sometimes as children, we have it driven out of us. Sometimes it is labeled as immature or silly.  But, I have found that not to be true.

My curiosity has always been an advantage to me. I like knowing how people think and feel. I like making connections. How about you?  Are you curious?  What makes you curious? What makes you want to know more?  I work with creativity and curiosity when I work with clients. I love to see how they work things out and how their minds work. I love to see how their feelings show through their creativity. We are all creative in all kinds of ways. Creativity encourages the use of curiosity.

Right now, I am working on something that inspires my curiosity. I am exploring spray webbing. It is a medium I can use with my art. I love curiosity.

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